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XR100 Conversion

Here are some pics of my XR100 after i converted it to a street bike.

For instructions on winding a lighting coil see this site. The only thing I did different was I removed both pink wires and replaced them with new 18 AWG each connected to a side of the winding insted of having one side to ground and both wires to the other side of the coil.

The tires are Chin Shin 100/90-19 in the front and 110/90-16 in the rear. The rear tire is mounted backwards.

Chin Shin tire    
Alternator wire and added Key Switch All of the wiring except the battery and regularor are here K&S universal turn signal switch
Speedo and kill button moved over

Cut down UFO narrow fender


What it cost:





brake switch Baja Designs $4.95
brake switch bracket Baja Designs $5.95
horn Baja Designs $8.75
regulator/rectifier Baja Designs $37.00
UFO Drop down Taillight Baja Designs $27.95
Chin Shin 100/90-19 cycle depot $32.64
Chin Shin 110/90-16 cycle depot $40.44
UFO Sahara headlight cycle depot $31.00
front turn signal Flanders $10.62
rear turn signal Flanders $11.62
2 circuit .093 connector Fry's $2.59
6 circuit .093 connector Fry's $3.49
1" clamp JK electronics $3.66
key switch JK electronics $11.91
flasher Kragen $2.99
1/4 spiral tubing Marvac $3.06
12v 1.2ah sealed lead acid battery Marvac $16.58
18 aw 1lb magnet wire Marvac $13.63
blue indicator lamp Marvac $3.78
left engine gasket Mid-cities Honda $8.50
handlebar turn signal switch peaksource (Ebay) $57.50