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Torsion tube cut out, trimmed and ready to install

Before 356 style bushings - Now larger LWB style bushings. I used the old cup to make stops fot the bushings.

Torsion tube welded in. Now its a LWB car, hopefully. Momo NASCAR carbon/kevlar racing seats. Glass quarters and hood are on order!

This is what the 4 tail lights will look like. the outer ring will be constantly on, and can change to white when the car is in reverse. The inner area is the brake/ turn signal. the outer ring will be red on both. the turn signals will be amber in the center and the brake will be red in the center. only the inner signal's outer ring will be able to change from red to white. Might recover the seat like this.

Rust repaired, and door skin removed. Awaiting fresh skin.

Soo Smooth! New glass fender in

One side done, one to go. RSR type spindle coming along nicely

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