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DL650 Gauge Face Install Instructions

1) Remove the gauge assembly. Unscrew the two hex screws and pop in the 4 plastic tabs (in Red)

2) Remove the 6 phillips screws from the back of the gauges (In Red)

3) remove the needles by gently and evenly prying up using two spoons

4) remove the gauge faces by removing the 2 black screws from each gauge

5) put the new gauge faces on

6) push the needles half way on and while applying a slight upward presure align the needles to the stops at 0 on both gauges. There is another stop at aproximately 6 o'clock if you overshoot the alignment. I suggest that you put the speedo needle slightly above the 0. Make sure you look at the gauge assembly at the angle you will be looking at it while riding so you confirm you have the aligment right.

7) push the needles all the way on and make any final corrections

8) reassemble gauge cluster

9) reinstall on bike